Marketing A New Business/Project

Running a company, starting a new project, even launching a new business, can be very time-consuming for an already busy executive. So marketing is something that can, and often does, take a backseat. You know it needs to be done, but you maybe don’t have the experience, let alone the time, to do all that is needed to get your business/project into the market, generating interaction, leads, and of course sales.

Your options are to outsource, to find a marketing company that will do all that you need doing, but even that can be difficult if you are launching a new project or business on a budget, with the scope of long-term profit and gain. Most marketing companies that you look to outsource to, want a high monthly retainer, which can eat into your monthly budget quite considerably.  This puts you in a bind; you need your new project to have marketing to generate sales, but you can’t afford the monthly retainer costs the marketing companies demand.  What are your options?

Partnering With Our Clients

Here at NTA Digital, we have over 40 years of experience combined working in digital marketing, business growth, and development. Our CEO Nathan Tarrant has spent most of his working life as a business and marketing strategist, turning new products, and start-up companies, into financial successes, both online and offline.

We know from our experience and success, that we can help any business succeed, and so we are prepared to join forces as marketing partners, with entrepreneurs and executives who are launching a new product, a project, or even a business, and take on the marketing, without the hassle of large monthly retainers.

We will provide the right partner all the digital marketing for their new project, and depending on the financial structure of the deal, there may not be any monthly retainer at all.

What We Offer

We offer three options to potential partners for the carrying out of all their digital marketing. They are:

  • Retainer + Revenue share.
  • Retainer + Equity
  • Revenue share + Equity

These can be done on sliding scales:

  • The higher the retainer, the lower the revenue share
  • The higher the equity, the lower the retainer.


  • $2500/mo + 15% rev share. $3000/mo + %10 rev share.
  • 15% rev share + 10% Equity

If you would like to talk with us further with regards to NTA Digital potentially partnering with you on your latest project, then contact us via the form below and we will be in touch.

There are businesses that we will not partner with or niches that we will not work in. They are:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Payday loans
  • Recreational drugs
  • Anything that goes against our Christian values.


Partnership Form

  • Give us some background on the project you’re looking to launch. The market you are looking to enter, and the time frame for when want to turn a profit.



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