It is common knowledge that Search Engine Optimization relies on the use of specially selected keywords to provide results, but no everyone actually understands what goes into this art and science.

At NTA Digital, quality in-depth keyword selection is at the very heart of our practice and we know that things are never quite as simple as they seem. We will outline on this page, some of the pointers and insights we apply for keyword success.

With our help, you can also master this essential aspect of SEO and ensure victory in your digital marketing campaigns.

Why are Keywords So Important?

Keywords are important because they allow the major search engines to know exactly what you are doing on your webpages. Search engines spend their time gathering information on the pages and choosing which will be the most relevant to the search queries used by their customers. So, they look at the keywords, assign each page a score, and use this score to decide which pages are most relevant to the search queries they handle.

Sounds simple, right? At first glance maybe, but the real tricky part comes when thousands and millions of other sites may be competing for the very same “high value” keywords, the ones that everyone is using.

It is also important to consider that the keywords being used are not the only factor that the search engines will be using to decide the value of “relevant” web pages. In other words, they consider many factors when ranking sites.

Therefore, it is the content presented on the site that will play a major role in the final ranking. Quality content is important, but the keywords being used are of equal value in the broad scheme of things.

The highest-ranking sites will be using carefully selected keywords used by the target demographic they are trying to reach. But, the very best sites will be doing constant research to discover the terms their most valued clients will be using to find their site, products, services, or options.

In short, the right keyword is solid gold in the modern marketing process.

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You can check out the results from this search for your self by simply clicking on this link –>

What is Keyword Research?

People who are new to SEO and content creation will find good keywords and stuff them into their pages and content. But those who are in the know will take the time to investigate and consider the intentions of their audience. Needless to say, this takes some skill, experience, and a heap of intuitive insights.

There are also some important methods that can lead to the best keywords. This involves asking some important questions such as: “who is searching for the products and services in your niche?”, “How are they searching?” and “what kind of language are they using to make these searches?”

The answers to these important questions will ultimately lead to the high conversions rates and profitability that makes SEO one of the most essential marketing tools in the history of marketing.

A great tool for keyword research and understanding the search intent of people within your niche is The image to the side is an example of how they structure their results. In the example, we typed in the phrase ‘search engine optimization’. This is classified as a broad phrase, way too generic for us to consider a keyword phrase worth going after. But what Ask The Public does, is it takes all the search data from Google related to that main phrase and compiles keyword data by the modifier. So, for example, using the modifiers ‘How’, ‘When, ‘Can’, ‘Will’, ‘Who’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’, ‘Which’, ‘What’, and ‘Are’, Ask The Public were able to generate 64 questions people ask concerning SEO. Plus an additional 41 prepositions. 27 comparison terms, A further 200 terms in alphabetical order. And 8 related terms. This data then enables us to consider the content we create, inline with what people are searching.

Answer The Public is just one of the many keyword research tools available that enable you to do effective keyword research. Many of them you have to pay a monthly fee for, such as and and they are great, but there are some great free ones as well. You can check out a list of them here.

Essential Keyword Research for Content Marketing

Where to begin? Grab a pen and paper and begin brainstorming!

Think about your clients, who they are, and what they will say or think when trying to find the solutions you are offering them. Come up with an extensive list of everything your buyer persona might use to connect to your site.

Then take this list and begin to crunch it through a keyword research tool. We have mentioned some already, such  Ahrefs Keyword Explorer,  SEMrush, and also SEOlyze. Or any of the free ones that are available. You will then be provided with a comprehensive analysis of these terms that includes traffic statistics showing how these search terms are used.

Obviously, using the top-ranking keywords in your content will produce the best results. But, you should not neglect the use of some of the lower-ranking keywords as well. With competition as fierce as it is, these lower-ranking keywords can give you a competitive edge, but wait there’s more.

(check out our blog post on this issue)

Long-tail keywords are phrases that will be used to find your online presence and should not be ignored. These often have lower traffic scores but are directly associated with the needs of your target audience. For example “where can I find the best pizza delivery near me?” Used wisely, these can be very effective in connecting with your audience and generating traffic.

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Turn Keywords into Revenues with a Full Content Audit

Keyword selection and application is at the very heart of SEO and should not be underestimated. If your business is suffering from inefficient keyword strategies, never fear. A standard SEO audit can reveal much about your digital marketing campaign and what you can do to improve it.

This type of service is offered by the most successful SEO agencies, like our own. We can assess your situation in relation to your goals and rebuild your content around highly effective keyword strategies. If you feel your SEO campaign is lagging behind, it could be something as simple as rethinking keyword usage.

If you are an SEO client then we automatically carry out a detailed analysis of the best keywords for you. But we also offer keyword research as a stand-alone offering, if you want it done without having SEO.

Our Keyword Research packages enable you to harness the power of the best keyword research methods, tools, and tactics. We will send you a full and comprehensive report outlining the exact terms and phrases being used by people searching online for businesses and services like your so that you can begin to dominate your niche with quality content people are looking for. Contact us to discuss further.



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