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In SEO – It’s Results That Matter

Are you a Financial Advisor who spends time trying to generate leads through seminars, cold calling, and other methods? Methods that take up valuable time. Or maybe even take you away from your family?

Imagine crushing your business goals and still having the time you want to spend with those who matter most to you!  What would it mean for you, if you knew you could have a predictable stream of new clients, looking for you every month?

Did you know that last month there were over 1000 people actively looking online, in your area, for a local Advisor to help them with their financial matters?

We knew! How did we know? Because Google told us themselves, through their analytics software.

Two Examples Of Financial Services Searches

According to Google, the number of searches carried out by people monthly, in and around the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia, a town with a population of 24,286 according to the 2010 census, is 490 a month. 490 searches carried out by people looking for a financial advisor, financial planning, retirement planning, investment companies, and so on.  

Now if you live in a large metropolitan area like Chicago, the third-most-populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 2,693,976 in 2019, then those search volumes are going to be very different. According to Google, just the top ten phrases used by people to find a financial services company is over 5,000 a month.


In other words, if you are not on page one if you are not in the top three, hardly anyone is coming to your site.

Firms that truly harness the power of finance SEO,  capture between 7.99-31.43% of those prospects, according to research by Google. Imagine knowing that next month you could have 50-100 people with investable assets, reaching out to you for help! 

Quality SEO gets warm potential clients to come to you, rather than you spending time and energy trying to find potential clients. And HubSpot states that an average of 14.6% close rate is achieved from SEO leads, compared to a 1.7% close leads from outbound leads. 

Whether it is 490 searches a month, or over 5,000 a month, and anything in-between, your website needs to be on page one. You are not going to be seeing any of those searches landing on your website. We all know from our own experience searching online that it is infrequent we go past page one of the results. Research carried out by leading independent internet marketing company AWR, shows that within the financial services sector, those websites in the first position get 31.43% of the traffic. Those in second place get 13.48%, and those in third, 7.99%.

How Well Does Your Website Perform In Google?

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Our report will be full and in-depth, showing you exactly what you need to do primarily to your on page seo to get your site ranking higher within the Google search results.
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Once you have your SEO Audit & Health Report, we will be able to advise you on what SEO work you will need to and what will be the best practices to have you dominate the search performance!

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You don’t have to leave the cutting edge Financial SEO strategies to the big national companies. 

You can dominate your local market yourself. We want to help firms like yours, increase brand awareness, and generate inbound leads.  We will target people who are deliberately looking online, for someone to help them with their financial matters, to come to your business.

We are not an SEO agency hoping to sign up every financial advisor in your area.  Our solutions are so effective that we will only work with a tiny select group of firms in each geographical location. Maybe even only work with just one firm.

So we are looking to partner with the right person – one who has high integrity and loves helping clients in need. Who has a strong desire for predictable growth and wants to be the dominant brand in their local market.

Is that you?

If you want to give yourself a competitive advantage, grow your business and take control of the client prospects you generate, then speak to us today.  You can find out more, by requesting we call you to discuss further, by using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Our Services Process

Wide Aspect Of Our Finance
SEO Services

As part of our offering, we provide an extensive process that enables us to generate a purpose-built campaign to accomplish your website’s success within your niche. Our top SEO experts carry out extensive work at each aspect of on-page SEO, content marketing, and link building that plays a vital role in ensuring you gain the best results from our efforts.


Project Discovery

The first step in successfully growing your online presence as our clients is understanding clearly what you want to achieve with your website in the search engines. We do this through the online discovery form that enables you to provide us with information concerning your information & online goals. Potential target keyword phrases you want to go after. The target market and ideal customer you want. Who your main competitors are. And a few other questions. All of which enables us to create a digital marketing campaign that will increase organic traffic to your website from the search engines.

Keyword Research

What makes SEO campaigns successful is knowing what keywords, phrases, and questions people are using to find businesses and services like yours in the search engine rankings. It is vital for your SEO and digital marketing strategy to generate the correct traffic from those keywords. We use a wide variety of tools and data to search out the very best keywords and long-tail phrases, along with the key questions people are asking for your niche and business within the search rankings to create the right content that will bring you increased traffic, through increased search volumes.

Content Creation

Google craves content. They want to present to their users searching online the authorities and experts who can provide the answers and therefore provide the best user experience to their potential clients. The way to prove you are an authority and expert, a business Google can trust, is through creating quality content. Part of the best custom SEO strategy we put in place is to work with you to produce the right content in line with the keywords people use. You get to capture the right target audience searching online, having an effective lead generation system in place, when you create the right content for your keywords.

On-site Optimization

All SEO experts know that effective and successful ranking improvement starts with on-site optimization as part of your campaign. Getting this set up correctly has a massive effect on your website’s performance within the search engines and your conversion rate optimization. We do not change your site’s actual content (unless discussed with you beforehand as part of our content review). We analyze all your web pages and structure your web pages key elements, such as the website URL structure, Title Tags, The Header Tags on each page that define what the content is about, and the Meta Description of each page. We make sure the right amount of keywords and phrases are in the content and add the relevant Schema Markup to essential pages, which plays an integral part in your success in the search engines to reach the right target audience.

Off-Site Optimization

Getting links from other websites to yours (backlinks) is as important today as it has ever been. What has changed over the years within link building is that the links’ quality has become more critical.
Google wants to see your website to be the experts and authority within your niche, and we achieve that through authoritative niche relevant sites linking back to your website from high-quality content. And the more competitive your niche, the higher the quality is needed, along with plenty of it. As SEO specialists, we undertake an extensive program of researching the best sites to reach out to, where we build good relationships with them that have them want to connect with your site. This enables their website to share their authority and expertise with your site, which helps your website increase favorably in the rankings, and of course, get you more traffic.

Analytical Reporting

As we have mentioned, SEO is results-driven, and the best way to monitor those results is through practical analysis and reporting. As your SEO company, we will track all the everyday interactions on your website, from pages viewed, time on site, to what town, city, or country the traffic came from through transparent reporting. We can also track the more in-depth interactions. Whether it is monitoring phone calls received, forms filled out on your site, files downloaded, or video’s watched. Whatever you want to analyze and track, as part of your conversion optimization, we’ll provide you with the data to know what people are looking at and what information they want, so you can plan future digital marketing strategies. We will also track your rankings within the search results, as well as your competitors, so you can see your ranking increases as you move past them.
Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?
What To Consider When
Working Out The Cost & Value
When working with us as your Chicago SEO agency, there are many vital factors to consider, especially concerning your marketing goals. Including why you want to invest in SEO with an SEO agency and the cost implications.Here is what you need to consider:

The first we have just touched on. You need to see SEO as an investment, not a cost. SEO is marketing, it is digital marketing, and any marketing you carry out only serves to build your brand and gain more customers. And every successful business invests in acquiring more customers.

Next, you need to consider where your website currently stands in comparison to your competition? Are they on page one for your main keywords, but you are back on page 5 or worse, not in the search results at all? Before we even begin work with you as SEO clients, we will tell you of the work needed to have your website outperform your competitors.

Another thing to consider before starting SEO or any digital marketing is, are you looking to compete against more prominent companies? Asking this question will help our two companies ascertain the time frame and the work involved to gain success.

Also, consider the size of your target market? Is it small, exclusive, regional, or large?

Finally, what is the value of a new customer/client to you, and what would be the budget to acquire

more? This is the key question to help you see whether SEO and digital marketing are right for you and also enables you to gauge the return on your investment over time.

You will also want to consider how you view your business. If you believe that what you offer is the best in the marketplace, you will want the best SEO company to help you be seen as the best.

We care about your success. That’s what makes us work hard. The harder we work on your Chicago SEO performance, the better the results you get, which will make us all very happy.




We don’t see ourselves as a simple marketing agency, but an extension to your company. Your success online is our success, and so we view ourselves as your search engine optimization department.


the search engines wants to see the quality that proves you are the authority in your niche, and that is what spend our time doing, making you the authority in your niche through the highest quality work possible, operating to best practices.


We will send you monthly reports to show you how each campaign and activity is progressing and the results obtained. In addition, and as part of our service we will speak to you as often as you like, daily if you want.


We do not believe in having our clients tied in to long term contracts. Results matter, and if we are not getting you the results, why keep using us? That’s why we have a service agreement, outlining what you can expect from us, and what we askfrom you.


Inceasing your traffic and rankings is easy, if we do it for terms and phrases no one is searching for. That is why we only focus on the terms that will bring you quality traffic and rankings what will produce what matters, increased revenue.


Our aim is to see you increase your revenue, through your website getting more quality traffic and better quality inquiries. SEO should be an investment, not a cost.

You Like What You’ve Seen…

How Do You Hire Our SEO Company-
What Do You Do Next?

First things first, and this is the most important part. We are not a search engine optimization company hoping to sign up every company in your niche. Once we start working with a company in a specific niche, we NEVER work with the competition in your geographical area!

Our SEO services are so effective that we will only work with one company per niche, per location, because we see ourselves as your SEO team. So we are looking to work with the right companies – companies who have high integrity and love serving their clients/customers. Is that you? Then contact us today to discuss further.

We work with businesses that have a strong desire for predictable growth and want to be the dominant brand in their market. Is that you? If you want to give yourself a competitive advantage, grow your business, and take control of the client prospects you generate, then fill out the contact form and speak to us today.

Alternatively, you can click on the button below and schedule a Digital Growth Strategy Consultatio with one of our team. There is no obligation whatsoever, we simply spend time with you to discover what you want to achieve, and how we can help you achieve it. 

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Simply fill out the form and receive your full SEO audit within minutes, straight to your email inbox. 

Our report will be full and in-depth, showing you exactly what you need to do to get your site ranking higher within the search results. 

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