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Why Is International SEO Services
Important For Your Business?

The world is getting smaller, as opportunities to communicate, interact, and carry out commerce around the world, becomes easier. If you want to do business globally, you have to have a website that shows up in the search results in the countries where you are doing your business. This is the importance of International SEO.

If you are a business that is looking to market your product or services overseas, then ensuring your website ranks in that country is essential. You may want to create a new website with a new country code top-level domain. For example, our website address is If we wanted to target business in France, then it would benefit us to buy the domain (fr being the country code) and getting all our content translated into french. Or if we don’t want a new site, but rather keep our existing website, then we can add a sub-directory to our site, so it ends up looking like this – with code to inform the search engines to target French speakers worldwide.

Alternatively, you can get your existing website ranking in other countries without adding a sub-directory, but simply adding pages relevant to the market area you want to rank in. For example, using our own website, we are based in the UK, but we also operate in the USA. We have not built a separate website but geared certain pages to rank in specifically in the US.

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Planning Your International SEO Approach.

If you do want to reach out to international markets, then it needs to be planned correctly. It is not as simple as just putting up a page or new website in a foreign language. If your company is located outside of the UK or Europe, and you want to target that market, you need to consider GDPR compliance, which covers the processing of personal data and its protection.

The SEO process, while universal, does carry additional complexities when wanting to rank on the international scene. There is the cost of translation, not just of your content, but the relevant data the people doing your SEO will need. Then as link building is a critical component of SEO, gaining links from relevant and authoritative websites in the country you want to rank in, is also essential. And that is a process that takes time and patience, more so when operating in a foreign language.

Example of Our International SEO Work

We recently carried out international SEO for leading fitness expert, Mark Lauren. Mark noticed a high demand for his products in Germany. After translating a number of his books into German, he asked us to build him a website that would rank in Germany too, as well as the US market so that he could increase his presence and sales in German-speaking countries.

He wanted to rank for the main keyword “fit ohne geräte” to promote his training and fitness app. We got him the number 1 spot for that keyword phrase, as the screenshot to the side, shows.

When we started our international SEO for Mark, and particularly for Germany, he was only ranked number one on for five terms, at the end of the six months, that increased to 44, plus a further 74 search terms on page one. Subsequently, his website ranked in German-speaking countries, such as Austria, where he now has over twenty primary keywords on page one, and German-speaking Switzerland where he has over 21 keywords rankings, with 5 in the top

International SEO ranking results

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