Why Video is Important for Businesses and Their Online Marketing Strategy

The impact videos have on online marketing strategies in different companies is overwhelming. Videos, in comparison to other marketing tools, have the biggest share of online traffic. Below are highlights and statistics that show why they are essential in online marketing strategies.

  • In 2019, 80 percent of consumer online traffic was from internet videos.
  • In the U.S. alone, at least 75 million people watch videos daily.
  • According to Diode Digital, video marketing is 600 percent more effective than any other online marketing strategy.
  • There is an increase in the click-through rate when online marketing strategists mention videos in their campaigns.
  • Most viewers watch videos through their mobile phones, and the percentage is close to 50
  • Videos of between 0 and 2 minutes are the most effective. The effectiveness in terms of length differs from one platform to the other.

Importance of video marketing to businesses

We can’t underestimate the importance of videos in online marketing strategies for SEO in this dynamic digital era. From the above highlights and statistics, videos have a long list of significance, but we’ll look at a few major ones below.

  1. They build trust – Video content builds trust between the audience and brands. This is because there is a lot of effort put into creating visuals of something that exists. However, it’s not the case with blocks of text that describe products or services that users are not sure exist.
  2. Algorithmic advantage – Algorithms of platforms like Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook favor content with videos compared to plain content.

Because most buyer personas consume content from these platforms, investing in video content will give your online marketing strategy a significant boost in reaching your target audience.

  1. Videos are easy to share – It is easier for online users to share videos than audio or print media content. By sharing videos that online users find interesting to their friends, they promote your brand at no extra cost on your online marketing campaign.

Your products and services reach broader audiences, and the number of conversion sales increases with the number of shares.

  1. They simplify complex ideas – Through animation, videos simplify complex ideas that brands cannot easily convey through text. This gives the brands the flexibility to convey information in the most efficient way to their audiences.
  2. Additional income – While a brand aims to sell services and products they offer, video content through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, generate revenue through subscriptions, views, clicks, and other viable ways. When marketing strategists explore these options keenly, they create other platforms from which they can generate earnings.
  3. High information retention rate – Visual content has a lasting impression on viewers. This is because of the emphasis and ability to relate to real-life situations. That being the case, if your brand involves educational services, it will make a better impact on your audience.

Steps to help you kick start your online video marketing strategy

Before diving into video marketing as your online marketing strategy, you will have to know some basics for this approach to sell your brand or company products and services effectively.

This is because making a video that will promote your company effectively takes a lot of effort and requires a lot of professionalism.  Below are simple steps to guide you through this journey.

  1. Plan

This involves drafting a clear-cut budget for the entire process. Decide on the objective you intend to achieve, your target audience, what it will constitute, and the release dates.

  1. Make a script

Most videos in online marketing strategies will require a script. A script will guide you through the whole process, ensuring you don’t deviate from the objective. It will also save you from unnecessary edits after creating the video.

  1. Set up your studio

This includes all your equipment, lighting to music, and all the basics, not forgetting the background.

  1. Shoot your footage

Shoot your footage and do the necessary edits.

Why you need to incorporate videos in your online marketing strategy

You will need to integrate videos into your marketing strategy because of the reasons we will outline below:

  1. They give a personal touch to your brand.
  2. They boost conversions
  3. Your brand stays competitive.
  4. They boost the SEO of your site.
  5. They are very informative, which plays educational roles efficiently.

Types of videos applicable to online marketing

There are different marketing video types that businesses can use in their online marketing strategies, but each video type is suitable for different companies. As a marketing strategist, you will have to choose one that will serve your marketing needs and audience efficiently to attain the desired conversions.

  1. Brand videos

These types of videos depict the bigger picture of the company. In most cases, they act as a long-term advertising strategy.  Most of these videos’ content encompasses the company’s mission, vision, goals, services, and products.

The main objective of such videos is to create brand awareness as well as attract target audiences.

  1. Expert interview videos

They involve interviews with leaders and internal experts in a particular industry. Building trust with a target audience and showcasing authority is the main objective of these types of videos. Using popular influencers in your industry has a significant impact on achieving good results from this approach.

  1. Event videos

Event videos involve recordings of presentations, round table discussions, trade fairs, conferences, and other types of events aimed at marketing campaigns. Such videos only include important highlights that portray the marketing objectives of the entire event.

The specifics of interest from the events ensure your target audience gets the information of interest without attending the events or viewing the entire video recording.

  1. Demo videos

Creating demo videos on how different products and software work intrigues target audiences. In most cases, new products and software become known to different buyer personas through such videos.

Such showcase how different products work better than previous versions or those from competitors. Most people will prefer to watch a video demonstration of how a product works rather than read long and complicated user manuals.

  1. Animated videos

These types of videos are short and concise. They apply to short concepts of products or services. High-quality visuals with specific themes produce tangible results in capturing the target audience’s interests.

  1. Instructional videosinfluencer video marketing

They involve stepwise guides that teach audiences how new products in your company work. In most cases, they involve products that solve particular problems or ways users can easily navigate complex situations.

  1. Explainer videos

The main aim of explainer videos is to convince target audiences that your products and services can help them solve their problems. They effectively attract and make conversions because they involve content with fictional persona journeys of how particular services and products can help solve problems.

  1. Case study videos

These types of videos involve customer testimonials showcasing results of particular products or services. They involve loyal customers expressing their satisfaction after using the company’s products and how they can solve your problem.

Buyer personas with similar problems will want to try the products in solving their problems too. This leads to conversions and sales for any marketing campaign for different products and services.

  1. Videos with personalized messages

They involve audiovisual personalized messages sent to individuals through text and emails. They often involve factual and convincing highlights and personal recommendations to prospective buyer personas in different stages on their buying journey.

Conversions into sales from prospective clients through such videos yield results with little marketing costs and efforts.

  1. Live videos

Live videos draw attention and increase engagement rate up to eight times when you compare them with other video types. This is because they give an in-depth look into your company, its processes, products, and services.

They allow marketing strategists to learn how better they can serve their clients through comments and questions. Such increases the sales and conversion rates because the marketing strategists learn what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Augmented reality videos

These types give an extra virtual touch to the videos through technology, and you can see what a particular product will look like in different spaces. This is possible through different apps and the lens of your camera.

Such videos are likely to have larger conversions, which lead to more sales in online marketing campaigns.

  1. 3600 virtual reality videos

3600 virtual reality videos give viewers a virtual reality of a product from all angles. This makes it look like they are physically viewing products in a store. They clear doubts about what the products look like on the parts that are not visible in images or other videos. This is one of the best online marketing video types that increase sales.

From the above, it is clear that using videos in your online marketing strategy will ensure your brand reaches a large audience which is the primary objective of most companies.

You may have read this article and looked at this list of various types of videos and thought that video marketing is an expensive addition to your online marketing strategy. The reality is it can be expensive, but high-quality video production for building your brand and promoting your products and services, need not be expensive. Check out a recent overview we did of Content Samurai, now referred to as Vidnami. Content Samurai/Vidnami is a brilliant piece of video creation software that enables you to create high-quality videos to promote your business, within minutes, and all at a very low price.

Video marketing should not be ignored, that is why as an SEO agency we have incorporated video SEO as part of the SEO services we offer.

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