YouTube – Make Sure You Are Using It properly

How To Set Up YouTube Channels Correctly

Once upon a time, YouTube was the place to go to see funny videos of cats. Today it is no longer just a video portal, nor is it a social media platform, but the second biggest search engine in the world, after Google.

According to YouTube, there are:

  • 1.9 billion Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users
  • 30+ million Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users
  • 5 billion Videos Watched Per Day
  • 300 hours of Videos uploaded per minute
  • 1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day
  • YouTube attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet

So with all that in mind, you decide you want to start a YouTube channel (or maybe you have one already and you want to utilize it more than you have already). Now there are a number of things you want to consider to make sure you use YouTube properly.

The key to successful traffic & views on YouTube is a good foundation/set up of your channel. A lot of the methods and signals for ranking on YouTube in the past are now obsolete, due to YouTube changing their algorithm considerably in 2018.

There are FOUR questions you need to ask yourself before setting up your YouTube Channel:

  1. Who we are targeting? What are their ages and their interests? You cannot target everyone.
  2. What is your message, the overall theme of your Channel?
  3. What kind of value can you offer and deliver viewers? Is there enough value in your videos to draw a person to subscribe to your channel and keep watching your videos?
  4. What type of videos do you want to make? How-to videos, vlogs, insights, lifestyle?

When you consider 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute, 5 billion videos are watched every month, you have to ask yourself, why would anyone want to watch my videos?

Once you have answered the above questions effectively, you then need to consider two things concerning the actual videos you are going to produce, before you start making them. And these are:

That your videos need to contain searchable content – This means you want your content to be keyword rich so that you show up in the search to people who don’t know you but will want to join your community, and secondly, your videos engage your audience – Once you are creating a following, you need to keep them engaged.

OK so you have answered the four questions and you have seriously considered the content of your videos, now move on to the next stage, which is:

What You Want To Happen On Your YouTube Channel

There are four key things you need to happen on your channel for it to be successful.





With clicks, you will both gain and increase clicks on your videos through quality thumbnails and video titles. Your video title must have a hook and build curiosity.Your Thumbnail title must complement the video title but not repeat it.


To have retention on your videos the ideal structure is as such:

  • First 15 seconds – Hook – The value of the video
  • Next 5 seconds – Your branded introduction
  • Next 15 seconds – Personal intro- why you or your company
  • 3-7 mins – Main content – keep people’s interest with call outs, music, raising questions, and answering them – B-roll (cut away shots) keep their eyes and minds moving.

It is important to keep peoples attention to get them to the end of your video, as this improves your searches and rankings. We have found that the best way to do that is to not signal the video is over; try not to use end screen templates; send them to the next video or playlist; ask them to subscribe to your channel and always tell viewers what you want them to do next.

To have great engagement on your videos you need to make sure your videos make a connection and tell a story by taking the viewer on a journey. As you do, reward their participation, with free offers or downloads. Ask specific questions that you know they would be asking, and tell them you will give them the answer later in the video. And if you have a long video, say 20 mins, break it up into 3 videos and create a playlist of multi-video series to encourage further engagement.

Finally, there are three ways of promoting your videos and channels:man laying on couch watch videos on youtube on his tablet

  • Video shares by viewers
  • Advertising on other similar channels
  • Getting similar brands/products/services to promote your channel, through reciprocation

Obviously, the first option is the easiest to implement, this is done through creating quality videos, that when you ask them to share, they will want to because they see the value.

The second option is easy to implement too, but of course, will require an advertising budget

The third option is very powerful but will take work and time to set up, but it is by far the best option, as third party word of mouth promotion is very powerful.

Put all these things in place when setting up your YouTube channel, and you can be certain of quality results on your channel and YouTube marketing.

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